Saturday 30th may

Competition on Olympia Park & l’Hermitage

The Olympia Park consists of a lot of sportsgrounds, but it is best known due to the Jan Breydelstadion. This is the home of footballclubs Club Bruges en Cercle Bruges.  On 30th may 2015 the stadion will also be our competition center.

L’Hermitage is not just a bordering neighbourhood. Small passageways, alleys, dead-ends, parks …   make this area a real oriënteering paradise. Without map you will get lost. Hopefuly you will manage to stay on track with your map.

Hermitage1      SAMSUNG CSC

Competition on castle park Koude Keuken

Water, forest with high runability and some (historical) buildings make this into an area for a fast sprint. Only running without mistakes can lead to victory. Also the bordering residential area will be included as an extra dimension.


Competition Centre for both sprints:

Jan Breydelstadion, East-side, Koning Leopold III-laan 50, 8200 Brugge


  • first start 10:00h – last start 11:30h: Olympiapark & l’Hermitage
  • first start 12:30h – last start 14:30h: De Koude Keuken

Free start – no start times are allocated on saturday.

Leaving plenty of time for a visit to Bruges or its surrounding natural beauty. Check the Links-page.