Registration (EN)

Deadline entries at best rate: 15/05/’15

  • Saturday: 4€ -18 / 6€ +18 per sprint
  • Sunday: 6€ -18 / 10€ + 18

After 15/05/’15 only day entry possible at higher rates

  • Saturday: 5€ -18 / 7€ +18 per sprint
  • Sunday: 9€ -18 / 15€ +18


Punching system is Emit

Emits can be rented against caution.



For members of a Belgian club, via the club through OLCO.

For others by registration on and payment must be done at first race.

(Please note that entries from Belgian atletes will not appear in the statistics of orienteering online.)


HSen (H21, H35)
DSen (D21, D35)
HJun (H-18, H-20)
HBel (H-14, H-16)
DBel (D-14, D-16)
DJun (D-18, D-20)
HPup (H-10, H-12)
DPup (D-10, D-12)
HMa (H40, H45)
DMa (D40, D45)
HMb (H50, H55)
DMb (D50, D55)
HMc (H60, H65)
DMc (D60, D65)
HMd (H70+)
DMd (D70+)